New York, New York

The data has been collected, the interviews have been transcribed, the academic references have been studied and 22,000 words have been written. Thank you to everyone who helped along the way, whether by filling in one of the surveys, subjecting yourself to a detailed interview, supplying additional data, recommending references, providing helpful criticism or proofreading. 

Having been submitted earlier in the summer, the paper is now available to read online

I also have the privilege of presenting some of the findings at The Salvation Army's media symposium in New York next week, alongside some other practitioners who are at the top of their game. If you're planning to be there, come and say 'hi'... or tweet me @FaithSoclMedia!

Is it finished? Not really - there's lots more that could be done, even with the data already collected. And, as with many academic studies, it raises just as many questions as answers. But I hope it has added to the discussion and will help people of faith - and faith leaders - to use social media with more confidence and clarity.

If you haven't got time to plough through 141 pages (and who could blame you?) I'll summarise some of the key findings here over the coming weeks, and am really interested in your thoughts. Don't be shy!